It’s time to change Europe

Civil society declaration

Armed conflicts in the neighbourhood, climate change and environmental degradation, economic instability, migratory challenges - Europe has been going from one crisis to another in the last two decades. While we have managed to overcome most of them together, far too often our responses have been focused on treating the symptoms rather than addressing the root causes. In most cases, the solutions we find are temporary fixes dependent on the wavering commitment of 27 governments rather than just, sustainable and inclusive long-term reforms and policies reflecting the will and answering the needs of the European citizens and those who live on our territory.

The Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE) is the opportunity to change this approach and finally bring about a systemic change following the unprecedented consultation of thousands of EU citizens over the last year. The people have spoken and it’s now up to decision-makers to follow their guidance in a democratic manner.

Seeing the challenges around them, European citizens offer a concrete set of reforms that can make Europe serve them better. A European Constitution, veto-free decision-making, better access and protection of the fundamental rights and values, an EU army, a rights based migration policy, upward convergence on common EU social standards, a Health Union and ambitious environmental and climate action - these are just a few examples of demands for a more united, democratic, inclusive, sustainable and people-centric Europe made by the CoFoE Citizens’ Panels. Anything less than a full implementation of these will not only undermine the democratic credentials of the Conference, but also the EU as a whole.

The scope of the proposals made by citizens calls for a genuine EU reform which can be implemented through a European Constituent Assembly developing a new EU treaty or at least comprehensively amending the existing ones. We are committed to making this a reality, and being a key actor of this process, being established by and gathering millions of citizens in Europe, countering any attempts to undermine, diminish or neglect the recommendations made by Europeans throughout the Conference. While the official Conference slogan is “The future is yours”, it is far from granted that the vision for Europe’s future we have expressed becomes a reality - unless we fight for it together!

We call for:

  • The full implementation of the 49 proposals made as part of the Conference on the Future of Europe.
  • The European Parliament to take the lead in initiating the Treaty modification procedure.
  • The continuation of citizens’ engagement as individuals and through representative civil society organisations within a Constituent Convention towards an ambitious political Union.


  • Stand Up for Europe asbl
  • Solidarité Eau Europe - Solidarity Water Europe
  • ECIT Foundation (European Citizens’ rights, Involvement and Trust)
  • Civil Society Europe
  • JEF Europe
  • UEF France
  • JEF Romania
  • Collectif pour un Service Civique Européen
  • Students for Global Democracy Uganda
  • Sauvons l’Europe
  • Philea - Philanthropy Europe Association

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